Economics of Nuclear Power as an Alternative Energy Source

Course Project: Individual Draft Overview

This week you will submit your Individual Draft for review to take you and your team one step closer to your final Team Project. Your draft should reflect the progress you have made in completing each milestone related to the Course Project in the earlier weeks, synthesize ideas you and your team members have developed, and highlight the key areas of analysis you have identified throughout the course.

Individual drafts should be five pages in length and follow APA standards. Your draft must also include a brief paragraph that explains your part of the Team Project and where your draft will fit into the final paper. This is an individual assignment.

Sub-topic to write to is Economics of Nuclear Power as an Alternative Energy Source.

No abstract page is required.

Do not need to use the Annotated Bibliography or outline. They are for reference and can be used if needed.

Paper should be written about the economics of Pro Nuclear Power as alternative energy source.

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