Social Media Analysis

TASK | The last few weeks of this course are devoted to social media techniques. Using the course and other appropriate material, develop a paper to be delivered to the client:

Analyze Planned Parenthoods current social media (SM) use;
then select two other nonprofits from Organizations for Analysis of Strategic Publics list provided in Week 1, and one commercial company or corporation comparing their SM use to that used by our client.
For example, consider what SM software platforms and techniques each use, whether this area of communication is effective, and what and how they could improve the SM as part of their outreach with appropriate stakeholders, such as blogging, and the pros and cons of each SM platform or technique.
Finally, think beyond what each currently uses to include what other platforms might give them more bang for the buck, so to speakand why. (This may require you to research the broad spectrum of social media platforms available!) Caution: Dont be limited to just the most obvious.
PART 1 | Your analysis paper of NO MORE than 10 pages discussing your findings. You may use graphics (such as the Print-Screen feature, on your computer), charts, as you desire to make your paper meaningful and effective. Also, consider using Google Trends or SnagIt, which has a free 30-day trial. See the following for more information on using Google Trends or Snagit or other similar web analytics tools.

Two Nonprofit companies are: Smithsonian Institution & The American Red Cross
Commercial Company is Johnson & Johnson

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