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Project description
Representations of travel destinations, comparing and contrasting discourses around places with examples from literary texts, stories from travel narratives, and visuals. Compare and contrast the representations of Tangiers and Cairo visited by Ibn Battutah (in 1325) and revisited by Tim Macintosh-Smith (BBC The Man Who Walked Across the World).

You have to focus on the beginning of both texts Ibns Battutah ( and Tims Macintosh-Smith ( The first episode in the BBC series describes the departure for Ibn Battutah and Tim Macintosh-Smith and Ibns text (I have copied the link above) mentions the pilgrimages and his departure from Tangiers. So, you have to compare the departure from Tangiers, compare how they both present Tangier (because for Ibn its his home place, whereas for Tim is just a new place he is visiting).

Then, you have to explore the Mecca and Islam religion, also how they both present it, how religion is presented and any other interesting aspects. You also have to refer and mention Le Grand Voyage movie (I will attach film review), compare religion representation with Tims and Ibns representation of Islamic world and religion.

And another place you have to explore is Cairo and the pyramids. Tim commented on the issue of truth when analyzing the description of the pyramids, there is a lot more that you could say about it (I will attach few articles with links dealing with the issue of truth in travel literature, which are The fable of the rat, Beyond the Pyramids and Truth or lies travel). You also have to explore the description of Cairo and the pyramids through the eyes of other travel writers and their descriptions through the Egyptian tourism websites.

Also you have to show broad culture in Travel Writing by referring to other interesting things about the genre, or about the diversity of ways one place is described through different authors/periods (which in this case are Ibn Battutah and Tim Macintosh-Smith). You should incorporate at least few elements of theory about Travel Writing in general (you have to use Travel Writing book by Carl Thompson).

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