Grodzki, L. & Allen, W. (2005). The Business and practice of coaching: Finding your niche, making money, and attracting ideal clients. New York: W.W. Norton and Company. ISBN: 0-393-70462-9

The second book review will be over the Grodzki & Allen text and will be due in week 5.
Each book review must be 4-5 full pages and include the following 3 sections:
1.    Overview/summary of author’s key points
2.    Personal response
3.    Application to you as a life coach

Other specifics:
•    Each book review must include an abstract page, title page, and reference page, but these pages are not included in the page count.
•    The paper is to be an original work of the author and written solely for this course.
•    The paper must be written using APA format (6th ed.) and include title, abstract, and reference pages.
•    Must be submitted as a Word document (.doc or .docx).
•    Any references must follow APA formatting guidelines.

Assessment of the Assignment
Please refer to the grading rubric and instructions for this assignment.

The paper must be submitted to the correct link by the deadline of the given week (11:59 pm ET); no late work is accepted or graded.Grading Rubric – Book Review
Excellent    Good    Acceptable    Unacceptable

Proper adherence to length requirements


Proper adherence to formatting of:
•    Title page
•    Abstract
•    Header
•    Margins
•    Font style and size

Proper adherence to:
•    Spelling, grammar, punctuation
•    Proper word usage/semantics

Textbook properly formatted, according to APA guidelines, on reference page.


Scholarly content with a coaching focus
•    Three sections included
•    Organized
•    Clear, logical flow of points
•    Sentences and paragraphs are structured and focused, not long and rambling.
•    Use of transitional sentences that link one idea to another.


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