haunted cinema paper #2

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I want you to choose topic #2 with film The Turn of the Screw, here is the link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av1906220/, you’d better use Google Chrome because I cant open it by using Safari.

SCAN0004.PDF is the requirement source that you must use in your paper.
SCAN0010.PDF is the paper 2 instruction.
SCAN0007.PDF and SCAN0012.PDF are two secondary sources you also must use in your paper.
So there are 4 sources in your references (one film, one main source and two secondary sources)
Because this is the detailed analysis paper, so I want to you to watch film at least twice and find some useful scenes that can support your theme. In this film, those two children lost their parent, so the governess is the parent character of two children. Before Miss, there are two people were like their parent, one is dead man another one is previous governess Miss Jessell. You can compare those two kind parent characters, how they repress their children in different way and how those repressions impact on children. Be specific with evident scenes in film. Again, pay attention to the questions and be detailed when you analysis.

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