Macs 335 week 8

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It should be three pages (no longer and not much shorter), double-spaced, 12-pt. font. You should choose two of the MAJOR points, claims, or arguments made in the assigned reading and consider how they APPLY (or not) to the media screened in class. The references should include one required reading, one recommended reading and the screening . And I uploaded paper sample, which you should follow how they combined their thoughts from reading with screening.
In-class Viewing The Joy Luck Club (Wayne Wang, 1993) Log in at amazon prime with username passord is guanruiqi, I have already rent this film so watch is as soon as possible.

REQUIRED READING: – Jing Yin, “Constructing the Other: A Critical Reading of The Joy Luck Club,” Howard Journal of Communications 16 (2005) 149-175

The references should include one required reading, and screening

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