Informative essay

Informative essay
Option Two

The Plan

1. For this assignment, you will be using some of the active reading strategies presented in this module as you read and respond to a professional essay. You will be reading two professional essays “The Speech the Graduates Didn’t Hear” and “Speeches to Graduates.”  After you read these essays critically, you will be writing a 500-750 word response essay.  In this essay, you will be giving your response to the author of the professional essay you have chosen for the assignment.

2. Your introductory paragraph for a response essay identifies what the writer is responding to. Therefore, you will mention the title of the article you have chosen and the author.

3. You must make sure you have a clear thesis which identifies the position you will be taking, your focus, opinions and feelings.

4. You will then begin working on the plan for your body paragraphs which will break the thesis statement down into smaller manageable parts for the purpose of creating a mini-map of what each body paragraph will be about.

Here is an example of what your introductory paragraph should be like:

A casual reading of Thomas Benton’s “On Stupidity,” published in the Online version of the CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, seems to suggest that Benton finds today’s college students lazy, ill-informed, and unproductive as a result of their overuse of, and blind dependence on, technology: cell phones, laptops, and the Internet, especially social networking media sites (cite).  A more careful reader, however, will note that Benton believes today’s students, although sometimes challenging to work with, can be quite fun in the classroom because of their unique skills and career-minded goals: their multitasking abilities, their willingness to embrace nontraditional learning methods, and their desire to improve their lives through education.

The rest of the essay will develop these points through use of opinions, quotes, paraphrases and summaries from the original article.

5. When you finish your draft, revise carefully and submit the final copy to the assignment link for Essay #1.

Choice #1-Speech to Graduates–Click Here

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