Structure vs Agency in Africa to combat disease oubreaks

The instructions are clearly stated. Must use legitimate sources (preferably from a database) and cite them.
***BE SURE TO FOCUS THE ESSAY ON: structure (outside forces) and agency (free will-African govts) and which one is more persuasive to combat these diseases.
Mention the following at some point:
-poor health care infrastructure (if any at all)
-**access to medication in africa (antiretrovirals, etc)
-patent law
-american gov intimidating african countries to crack down generic medication companies (from india, brazil….)
-PEPFAR (how it’s probably gonna be permanent)
-effects of colonialiation
-use the current ebola outbreak as an example (and the diseases mentioned)

^^^these are points to be brought up, but please follow the instructions in the attached files
and, of course, use parenthetical citations and ibid if necessary
you can use whatever approach you want as long as it mentions the points and has a stance in the issue
no fluff, be concise and to-the-point (include good analysis)

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