Major Research Paper

Please read the instuctions I will upload as a file.

For this paper you must also complete a Annotated Bibliography section… which I will upload as a file.
You must also complete a Graphic Organizer, which I will upload as a file.
Please complete the Anotated Bibliography, and the Graphic organizer before doing the research paper, as this has to do with legitimacy and all that…
You must also make an outline of your work, My prof. is asking for an outline work.

As the research paper requires me to talk about the previous suggestion you made on the the Minor paper you wrote for me. I will also upload said paper so you can read it over.
I will also upload the same source we have been using fo the past 2 papers.
heres a link for the other 2 sources,
What <i>The Oatmeal</i> Missed
Thank you so much for helping me through all this!

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