Robert Traver, Anatomy of a Murder. Reading responses

Reading Response 1.2 (Anatomy of a Murder chs 1-7): In chapters 4 & 5, Pollys lecture to Lt. Manion occurs. From what Polly explicitly tells Lt. Manion in these chapters, and also what Polly is thinking to himself, what is it permissible for a lawyer to do for their client when strategizing how to handle the case, and what is it impermissible to do? Does Pollys lecture to Lt. Manion fit within what is permissible & if so, can you explain how and why?

Reading Response 2.2 (Anatomy of a Murder chs 8-17): In these chapters we learn more about the killing of Barney Quill and the circumstances surrounding Quills rape of Laura Manion. Why does Polly think that it is so important to Lt. Manions murder case that the results of Lauras lie detector test support her claim that she was raped? (what specific facts and circumstances of this particular case of rape concern Polly?)

Reading Response 7.2 (Anatomy of a Murder, Part 2, chs 24-end) In To Kill a Mockingbird the jury decided to ignore the evidence that Atticus introduced and to convict Tom Robinson even though the evidence showed he was innocent of raping Mayella Ewell. In Anatomy of a Murder, the jury acquits Lt. Manion of killing Barney Quill in spite of considerable evidence that Lt. Manion was sane when he shot and killed Quill. What do these outcomes suggest about Americas jury system? (consider in your answer the exchange between Polly and Judge Weaver in Judge Weavers chambers in Ch. 9 (of Part 2around pages 243-247)

** 1 page per each reading response**

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