sclorery artical on charlottes web

This is a short paper, one to two pages in length. You are to locate a scholarly article that discusses Charlotte’s Web. You are to summarize the main points that the article makes about Charlotte’s Web.

You are then comment on your response to the article. Does the article make points that add to your own reading of the novel? After reading the novel, sharing your ideas with others in class and reading a critical article, what is your opinion about what makes Charlotte’s Web a touchstone of children’s literature?

Be sure to include a Work Cited for the article that you have selected. Normally, a Work Cited page is on a new page, but for this short paper you may include it at the end of your paper.

Remember, a scholarly article is not Sparks Notes or a comment on line from some random person who has read the book. A credible article is scholarly in that it appears in a scholarly journal or a reputable web site for children’s literature.

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