You will persuade the class to be interested/motivated to purchase a product based on the following criteria.
• real (something we can see and touch)
• legal
• be able to purchase online or in a local store
• current retail price- $50-100 US
• not anything living, like a pet etc..
• not a weapon of any kind
• not a drug, alcohol etc…
• Nothing distasteful or potentially offensive to others

• LENGTH – Your presentation will last from two minutes – two minutes and thirty seconds. Any longer or shorter will reduce your grade.

• ORGANIZATION – You will organize your presentation based on Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. See pp. 233 and 234 in your textbook.

• OUTLINE – You will turn in a complete sentence outline in the dropbox. Look at pp. 248-249 for information on the format for the bibliography.

• REFERENCES – You should have at least two credible references in your bibliography.

• DELIVERY – You may speak from key words on note cards, a copy of your outline, and your three fold poster board which you will use as a visual aid to showcase your product.

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