The relationship between business strategy, management accounting practices and performance evaluation of firm in Thailand


1. Accounting and management techniques to measure the performance of companies in Thailand. To make it through the application of business strategy.
2. The research results can be used as guidelines for the preparation of management accounting information and performance metrics to use in business management in order to enhance business competitiveness.
Research questions:
Following are the research questions of the study;
How valuable of management accounting techniques and business strategy and it’s implementation?
1. Is there a positive relationship between business strategy and role of management accounting?
2. If so, how could management accounting techniques contribute a firm to the business results?
3. What is the strategic role of management accounting mediating the relationship between business strategy and firm performance?
Chapter 2 Literature Review
2.1 Theories and concepts
• The concepts of business strategy (porter) Cost-Leadership and differentiation
• Strategic positioning
• The concept about the contemporary management techniques.
• The concepts of managerial accounting techniques and its implementation
• The concepts of performance measurement
2.2 Research and related studies

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