Water Research Paper Assignment

We will be learning about some of the controversies surrounding the privatization of water. For this assignment you will write a 800-1200 word research paper that builds off of what we learn in class, constructing a persuasive argument about the privatization of water systems.

You must use two cases to support, illustrate, and make your argument. You are welcome to use the Seattle City Water System as one of your cases, though you also have the option of presenting two new cases. At least one of your cases should be from another location (anywhere in the world) where water is being/or has been privatized.

You should draw on a variety of sources of information from peer reviewed literature, citizen interviews, news stories, poetry, etc. You must cite at least 8 different sources. Citations should be done in APA format. (The citation list does not count towards the word-count limit.)

Structure your writing clearly and succinctly; longer does not always equal better. Pay attention to your argument construction. Use your first paragraph to introduce your position, and your last paragraph to summarize your position. The paragraphs in the middle can build in complexity as you make your case – be sure to clearly describe both of the cases you discuss.
Basic Requirements:

1. Provide a clear and concise thesis statement.

2. Clearly explain both cases and how these cases relate to your thesis.

3. You must include at least 8 distinct citations to credible sources and use these to explain your cases and support your argument in a compelling way. Citations should be done in APA format, which means your paper should include a References list at the end.

4. The body of your essay (excluding your References page) should be between 800-1200 words. Include a word count at the beginning of your paper.

5. Double space the body of your paper (as this makes it easier to read!).

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