What would Aristotle think of the play Fences?

Imagine there is a hole in the space/time continuum, and Aristotle has popped into modern times as a literary consultant. His job is to evaluate one of the plays on our syllabus for possible production in our time. You are Aristotle. Read “Fences” and write your recommendations to the artistic director of the play “Fences.” Would Aristotle approve of “Fences?” What changes are needed? Aristotle is a smart guy, so you’ll have to make some concessions to modern times. Assume, also, that you can write in idiomatic contemporary English. This paper should be 600 to 800 words and is due one week after the play you choose is discussed in class.

Read Aristotle’s “Poetics” parts IV-XI (attached) and apply his ideas and analyze them compared to the play “Fences.”

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