Why we buy…the black box

Dear here is the assignment requirement

Make absolutely sure you put all writing ‘in your own words’ as your score will reflect the depth, level, and detail provided. Writing guidelines: Minimum 500 words, Maximum 750 words, double spaced 12 point font (2-3 pages double spaced, 12 point font).

The work will be scored in conjunction with the WTAMU COB MBA scoring rubric Goal and Objective 1.1: Professional Writing Assessment Form.

Link and resources to be used should be cited:

1.) In Learning Activity 2, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, respectively, you were given the task of reading articles and viewing links. 1A.) Provide a one paragraph written summary of each article and associated link. 1B.) How does the information presented in the articles and links relate to the course content? Discuss 1C.) What are the major ‘take-aways’ from this part of the assignment…list three that you found interesting.
Section 2 (I know, right?):
2.) In the Ch. 6 Learning Activity 2, you were exposed to the 78 principal topic areas of financial planning from the CFP Board. With this information in mind, choose three topic areas and imagine them as a financial services product category, e.g., Topic Area 6, Educational Planning (near and dear to my heart as I have three daughters that will one day ‘go to college’). List the three topics you chose and why you chose them. 2A.) Next, what type of product then, is ‘Educational Planning’ with regard to the three classes of buying situations (you remember this right, I mean it was chapter 4) List each of the three and justify your choice with aide from the text. 2B.) Pick 1 of the 3 choices and explain & discuss how the financial services topic (product choice in this case, like educational funding above) relates to personal, psychological , and social forces that influence consumers’ buying behavior…think consumer buying decision process from chapter 4. You can do it….keep reading.
Section 3 (if you aren’t having fun with this, you are over thinking the task…)
3.) Why is communication important to financial services marketing? Discuss and provide two examples with justification. (I am looking for a couple of solid paragraphs here…showing me you make the ‘connection’).

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