Raise the Red Lantern

This is a two parts assignment.

Part 1 : Reading Response. should be around 200 words in length and can take the form of a thoughtful question about this week’s reading, a brief analysis of the literary text (theme, style, etc.), or a comparison with a Asian Pacific literary work . It should NOT consist merely of a general opinion of the author or the text.

This response is not a Summary of the story. Your thoughts, your observation is most important

Part 2 :

Suppose you will lead a class on a discussion of the novel To Live. Your job will be to craft a list of discussion questions that brings attention to specific passages from the reading for the week and engages the class in discussion. You should also be able to provide additional background and your own reading of the material to help facilitate the discussion. Your success will be judged primarily on your ability to engage your fellow students in a productive discussion of the key arguments, ideas, and themes under consideration for that week.

+ Your Leading discussion should also pay attention to : Gender Relations and Family Structures in Feudal China

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