Write a 5-paragraph-essay exploring the reasons why “My Last Duchess” is known as a typical dramatic monologue.

Please read “My Last Duchess” by Robert Browning and write a 5-paragraph essay follow this outline.Paragraph 1: Give a few general sentences on the poet Robert Browning and a definition of a dramatic monologue. State a thesis asserts the idea that “My Last Duchess” indeed a great example of a dramatic monologue because of the three different qualities of it.Paragraph 2: Explain the first quality of a dramatic monologue (DM) which is the speaker of the poem (the duke) who is not the poet Robert Browning.Paragraph 3: Explain the second quality of a DM. It is the silent listener (the envoy, the messenger, or the servant, as referred to in the poem who was sent by his boss, the count) discuss how you could tell his presence within the poem. Obviously, the speaker Duke of Ferrare is addressing someone and talking to him throughout the monologue. You could point out the lines in which the duke has used the words, “you” and “sir.”paragraph 4: explain who this duke really is, according to the poem what kind of person is he? For examples, you could explain how jealous, egotistical, powerful, greedy, manipulative, cruel, controlling, and arrogant he is.Paragraph 5: Conclusion. tie your sentences to fit the introduction and point out why do you believe “My last Duchess” is indeed a dramatic monologue.———————————————————–Please do not use outside sources, and you don’t have to use big words.

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