Identify a communication issue that is important to your personal and/or professional life,

In this paper, you will identify a communication issue that is important to your personal and/or professional life, and consider how different models of communication can help you to better understand that issue. (You will not, however, be developing a full-fledged theory.) Please follow these steps:

READ THIS: The two models that he is talking about in question 2 is the linear model of communication and the transactional model of communication

1)Describe an actual communication event that you find mysterious, frustrating, or compelling. This can be an event in which you have participated, or it could be one you have witnessed. Describe the specific qualities that distinguish this event, such as: Who and what was involved? Where and when did it happen, and what had happened in the larger context? What do we know about the participants? What the sequence of actions unfolded? How did the participants appear to understand (i.e., interpret or explain) what was happening? In describing this event, discuss what is at stake in theorizing it. Why might communication scholars(like all of us in this class)view this as a valuable phenomenon to examine in greater detail? For example, is there some benefit to the participants and/or society by better understanding it? Why should anyone care?

2)Consider the event from the perspective of two models of communication described in chapter 1 (as well as in lecture). If you were to develop a theory of events like this—in other words, if you were to move up a level of abstraction from this specific event to the category of events that share some similar features—what might you address? First, describe how you might theorize about what is happening here from the perspective of an interactional model(i.e., to what would such a model direct your attention?). Then, address how a transactional model might shape your theorizing. Draw at least two comparisons between these two perspectives.

3)Finally, focus on the criteria for evaluating theory that are discussed in Chapter 3(pp. 59-61). If you were forced to choose,which one of these criteria seems like the most important consideration in theorizing this event? Why? Your paper should be around 5 pages (roughly1250 words, with 12-point font, one-inch margins, and double-spacing). It does not count use of a title page or references. Your paper will be evaluated on its demonstration of accurate understanding and successful application of course material. Where effective and appropriate, you are encouraged to quote from the lectures and assigned readings to support your claims.

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