step-parenting –stress of step-parents physically and psychologically

– For this paper you will need review the theories and research on the topic step-parenting –stress of step-parents physically and psychologically. (the focus of the paper should be on parents/parenting- not on children.)
– You will also include a research section on community services/interventions linked to this parenting issue. This paper should be like reviews in major journals (e.g., Child Development).
– You should outline the major theories, discuss important methodological issues in the research area, review research findings, discuss community connections, draw conclusions, and suggest directions for future research.
(a) Are the most important theories described?
(b) Are the strongest studies on the topic cited (i.e., recent studies- 2000s to the present- as well as the most important)?
(c) Are the research findings integrated (or do you simply describe one study after another)?
(d) Did you discuss research involving community resources/services/interventions linked to your parenting topic?
(e) Have you cited problems with the methods (how the researchers studied the topic or collected their information) involved with the theories and research you discuss?
(f) Do the conclusions of the paper offer original and valuable insights about the topic?
– You must integrate what you learn from your independent reading for the paper with what you have learned. This integration must be shown in the way listed below.;
– First, you must refer at least once in your paper to statements in the textbook (igner, J. J., & Gerhardt, C. (2014). Parent-child relations: An introduction to parenting (9th edition).
The textbook must then be included in the reference list (not included in your ten references). This is the only textbook that can be used for the paper.
Paper criteria.
I. Introduction
• Introduce your paper and present some background information (what and how you plan to discuss the issues in the rest of your paper). <br />
• Discuss why this paper is important and describe the focus on parents and/or parenting.
• End this section by discussing the plan of the paper (e.g., First I will discuss…, Next, I will discuss…).
II. Body
• Longest section of the paper, bulk of points are assigned here.
• Discuss the major issues involved with your paper (using lecture materials, outside research articles, and your text/course reading).
• Present research-based evidence to support the issues as you discuss them.
• Must describe a research theory or explanation for the findings presented on your topic.
• Include research on community services/resources linked to this parenting issue (e.g., community interventions that have worked or not worked).
• Be as specific as possible. Provide details and examples of what you are discussing in your paper and make sure your ideas flow from one idea to the next.;
• Critique the studies (methodological issues) – provide criticisms of the way the data was collected or limitations of the research you found (e.g., did not use a diverse sample, research focuses on only mothers).
• Keep the focus on parents and parenting (not children).
III. Summary and Conclusions;
• Summarize the major points in your paper.
• Make some conclusions about your assignment and discuss how you came to these conclusions.
• Summarize the findings of your paper and discuss whether or not your views coincide with the data or information that you have presented.
• Suggest areas for future research (these suggestions should be carefully thought out- not “more research needs to be done”).
Final Term Paper Grading Protocol:
_____ Description of topic and background information, explanation of why topic is important, overview of how it will be presented;
(5 points)
_____ Discussion of major theories or explanation for findings;
(5 points)
_____ Discussion of major issues integrated with research articles, textbook, and classroom discussion (10 points)
_____ Discussion of research involving community services and/or resources linked to topic in parenting (5 points)
_____ Critique of studies (cite problems with methods) (5 points)
_____ Summary and conclusions (summarize major points, make conclusions with valuable insights, suggest areas of research) (5 points)

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